The Minimize Danger Zone Shield (or MDZ Shield) is an affordable and proven new solution to eliminate the danger zone gap surrounding the right dual wheels of the school bus.

The “danger zone” refers to the area extending 10 feet to the front, rear and sides of the school bus, where children are at most risk of being hit by passing vehicles or by their own bus.

After 20 years of success in danger zone safety, Public Transportation Safety International is now determined to make the MDZ Shield an industry standard, and is working with school bus OEMs to ensure its standardization.

Manufactured at TPC Urethane in Fontana, California, the MDZ Shield is a casted, high-performance BASF polyurethane shield that acts as a physical barrier in front of the rear dual wheels, designed to deflect a child out of the path of the school bus, preventing catastrophic injury or death.

The shield is easily and quickly mounted to the side of the bus around the wheel well opening, lessening both material and labor costs while making it easily visible for inspection. Its firm, durable finish is resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays, and dust, and can withstand any road condition or terrain, in any season. The MDZ Shield was designed to withstand curb impact, and is built to last for the lifespan of the bus.

Inventor Mark Barron and PTS, developer of the widely deployed S-1 GARD for transit buses, are pleased to introduce the MDZ Shield, and believe it will finally close the school bus danger zone gap.

Product Overview

The MDZ Shield is an affordable one-piece BASF polyurethane shield that encloses the upper wheel well opening and covers the gap in front of the right rear wheels.

The MDZ Shield consists of a roughly 1/4″-thick wheel skirt and cantilevered spoiler, all in one piece. It sits approximately four inches from the ground, permitting flexibility on impact.

It is attached by three mounting brackets around the wheel well opening, lessensing material and labor costs, and allowing for easy wheel removal.

The MDZ Shield has undergone testing by automotive and mechanical engineers for durability and safety performance, and will be certified by State Highway Patrols in states where it is installed.

Rocker Panel Undermount with injection molded urethane.

New: Wheel Well Mount (in development)

Floor Beam Mount: polyurethane MDZ Shield with 3.5 inches of clearance.

Product History

The risk of children in the danger zone required a solution…

For the past decade, PTS and manufacturer TPC Urethane have been working to design and perfect a solution for the 2 foot gap surrounding the right dual wheels of the school bus, but previous efforts were not adopted due to the overall costs of mounting the receiver underneath the high-chassised bus and the casting costs of urethane.

Today, the MDZ Shield is available and ready for installtion, providing an affordable and easily installed solution.