1. 1.Conroe, Texas, March 6, 2007: Michael Cahoon, 22, was killed when he jumped under a moving school bus. He jumped underneath the bus shortly before 6 p.m. after the front wheels passed by, investigators said. The rear wheels ran over him. Cahoon was transported to St. Luke's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Eight students were onboard the bus.

  2. 2.Fremont, Indiana, April 3, 2007: 12-year-old Patricia Tink’s sister told the bus driver that the 12-year-old was not going to school. The bus driver didn’t see the girl and started driving down the road. The girl hit the side of the school bus, falling underneath and was run over by both sets of wheels on the driver’s side.

  3. 3.Trenton, New Jersey, November 21, 2007: 13-year-old Bryelle Dean was struck and killed by a school bus at about 1 p.m. She had just stepped off the bus and was "horsing around" with her friend. The friend pushed the eight grader who fell under bus and was crushed when the rear wheel of the bus ran her over. The teen was taken to Hulene Fuld Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

  4. 4.St. Paul, Minnesota, December 7, 2007: A 6-year-old boy was struck and killed by a school bus in downtown St. Paul. He was among a group of students who were waiting to get onto their buses when he somehow became crushed by the rear wheels of the bus at around 2:20 p.m.. Police said the boy was not pushed, and that his death appeared to be an accident. The boy's name was not available for this report.

  5. 5.Oak Ridge, Tennessee, December 9, 2007: 12-year-old Ashley Paine passed away two days after she was run over by a school bus. Paine was riding her bike home from school when she somehow fell off and landed in the path of a school bus. She was hit by the rear tires and suffered critical head injuries.

  6. 6.West Point, Utah, January 23, 2008: 8-year-old Daniel Duplain was killed when he fell under a school bus and was run over by its rear wheels. The boy got off the bus but then ran back toward it, into a spot where the driver couldn’t see him, and was run over near the rear.

  7. 7.Brooklyn, New York, September 10, 2008: Jonathan Millstein, 50, suffered massive head wounds when he collided with an empty school bus while biking in Park Slope. Millstein, a father of two who owned a Manhattan silkscreen design and printing shop, apparently rode through a red light when the turning school bus barreled into and him ran over him with its right rear wheel.

  8. 8.Tucson, Arizona, September 12, 2008: Sophomore Kevin Barajas-Robinson, 15, was killed when he was hit by a school bus. He was bicycling to school when the bus passed him. The bus stopped at the red light while Barajas-Robinson continued to ride up alongside the bus. According to a complaint, the bus turned right without a turn signal. The on-board video camera showed the bus hitting Barajas-Robinson. He was thrown to the ground and crushed under the bus, whose right rear tire came to rest on his body. 

  9. 9.Amherst, Massachusetts, September 30, 2008: A 2-year-old boy named Abraham Espinoza was accompanying his 6-year-old sister and his mother to the bus stop when the boy was run over by the school bus. The bus had picked up his sister and the boy was last seen by the school bus driver at the right of the school bus. The toddler ran into the street in front of the school bus and was struck by its front bumper. The fatal injuries occurred when he was run over by the right rear wheels of the bus.

  10. 10.Oregon, Ohio, October 15, 2008: Austin Takacs, 11, was late for the bus stop. He was running along side of the bus trying to catch it when he tripped on his bookbag and fell into the street. The boy was struck and killed by the right rear dual wheels.

  11. 11.New Orleans, Louisiana, October 27, 2008: 10-year-old Jasmine Green was running after her school bus when she jumped over a ditch and collided with the front left corner of the bus, which knocked her to the ground and under the rear wheels.  She was killed.

  12. 12.Indiana, 2008: A 16-year-old male missed the bus at his scheduled stop. The boy ran after the bus and slipped, sliding under the right rear dual wheels of the school bus and was killed.

  13. 13.Indiana, 2008: A 12-year-old girl missed her bus at her scheduled stop. The parent drove the girl to catch the bus at another stop along the route. The girl exited her parent’s car and attempted to board the bus, approaching from the right rear of the bus. The bus departed the stop, preparing to turn right. The girl was reaching for the bus entry door and tripped. She fell and was struck and killed by the right rear dual wheels of the bus.

  14. 14.Wyoming, 2008: After a 6-year-old boy missed his school bus, his father took him to another stop to board. The father dropped the boy off at the stop. The bus driver activated the stop lights to wait for the boy to get on the school bus. The driver waited, but had not seen anyone get out of the first vehicle. As the driver looked to the left, she was momentarily distracted by a passenger van that failed to stop for the school bus stop lights. As the driver returned attention back to the right rear-view mirror, she still did not see a passenger approaching, so she resumed driving. As she checked her mirrors while pulling out, she noticed a small child lying in the roadway in her passenger side mirror. She exited the bus and discovered that she had struck the boy with the right rear dual wheels of the bus and killed him.

  15. 15.Northampton, Pennsylvania, January 26, 2009: A 12-year-old boy (Dakota Galusha) was standing near the curb waiting for the approaching bus. The boy either slipped or was pushed and subsequently struck and killed by the right rear dual wheels as he slipped and fell under the bus.

  16. 16.Aldine, Texas, April 29, 2009: 15-year-old Alma Meza was struck and killed while crossing in front of her bus shortly after she was dropped off near her home. The girl had grabbed onto the front bumper of the bus after she was knocked down, but couldn’t hold on. When she let go, she was dragged under the bus and run over by the rear wheels.

  17. 17.Pine River, Minnesota, March 22, 2010: 6-year-old Evan Lindquist was struck by the front bumper of the school bus, then was run over and killed by the rear dual wheels.

  18. 18.Florala, Alabama, April 8, 2010: 9-year-old Lexi Worrell exited the school bus on the way home from school. As she was walking down the right side of the bus out of view of the driver, the girl lost her balance and fell underneath the right rear wheels of the bus which rolled over her.

  19. 19.Naples, Texas, January 5, 2011: 4-year old Patience Alderman was killed after being run over by her school bus. She tripped and fell headlong under the back wheels.

  20. 20.Williamsburg, Missouri, January 11, 2011: 6-year-old Hunter Pitt and an older sibling had departed the school bus. The bus started to travel forward and struck the boy, who was still in front of the school bus. The school bus then traveled over the boy and struck him again with the right rear dual wheels of the bus.

  21. 21.Gulfport, Mississippi, February 22, 2011: 10-year-old boy Kendrell McDonald was run over and killed by his school bus as he ran alongside it trying to stop it. The boy had missed the bus at its usual stop in front of his house and ran across a field as the bus made the loop, trying to get the driver's attention. When he caught up with the bus, he lost his footing and was run over by the dual rear wheels.  

  22. 22.Cartersville, Georgia, March 14, 2011: 8-year-old Garrett Black was unloading from his aunt’s bus at the Cartersville City School transportation facility, where his mother worked. Another school bus struck the student with its right rear dual wheels as it passed on the left side of the school bus that he had just exited. The student died from his injuries.

  23. 23.Lafayette, Louisiana, March 18, 2011: 6-year-old La'Derion Miller died while attempting to board the school bus. The boy was reportedly caught in the door outside of the bus and dragged for about 20 feet. The deputies reported that they believe that the boy was also rolled over by the right front wheel of the school bus.

  24. 24.Lakeland, Florida, January 17, 2012: Katlyn Rickman, 14, was hit by a bus making a left turn while she was crossing the street. The girl was caught under the rear wheels of the bus, which was being driven by a substitute driver.

  25. 25.Las Vegas, Nevada, March 16, 2012: An 11-year-old girl was struck and killed by the right rear wheels of the school bus while she was crossing the road. She was on her way home.

  26. 26.Fortuna, California, April 17, 2012: An 84-year-old woman out for her morning walk was hit by a school bus filled with elementary school students. The driver of the bus was turning left when she struck Audrey McRoberts within a crosswalk. She suffered fatal injuries when the school bus' front and rear tires ran over her.

  27. 27.Chapel Hill, Texas, January 22, 2013: 15-month-old Arra Preciado was killed after being run over by the right rear wheels of her sister’s school bus. A mother was waiting for her child to exit the bus when the girl escaped from her yard and ran toward the bus. The driver did not see the small child in front of the bus and knocked her down.

  28. 28.Macon, Georgia, April 22, 2013: 5-year-old Tamiya Watson was killed after she was hit by a school bus while crossing the street in front of her home. The girl had run off the curb and was turned around talking to others behind her when she walked into the side of bus, which was making a left turn. She fell to the ground after colliding with the bus, and was run over by the rear tire of the bus.

  29. 29.Parker County, Texas, May 13, 2013: 10-year-old Haven Lee Norton was run over by a school bus in front of his home. As the boy approached the bus stop across the street from his home, the bus driver deactivated her lights and began to move forward. The boy tripped, fell into the path of the oncoming bus, and was run over by the rear wheels as his mother watched from the porch.

  30. 30.Osceola County, Florida, June 1, 2013: A 40-year-old farm worker was run over by an old unregistered school bus used to transport farm workers on private property. Tomasa Ramirez was a passenger, standing on the entrance steps of the moving bus and, as the driver attempted to make a right turn, he fell out of the open door of the bus. When Ramirez fell, he was run over by its right rear wheels.

  31. 31.Lower Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, September 9, 2013: A 78-year-old pedestrian was struck and killed while crossing an intersection as a school bus was making a right turn. As it was turning, the left front bumper of the bus struck Shirley Wilhelm, causing her to fall to the ground, at which time she was run over by the left front tire. As the bus continued, the left rear wheels also ran over Wilhelm as she was lying on the roadway. The driver, a 16-year veteran, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Investigators determined that the driver should have been able to observe Wilhelm, who had the right of way, in the roadway because there were no obstructions.

  32. 32.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 22, 2013: A pregnant 27-year-old woman was struck and killed by a school bus in Philadelphia after she stepped out in front of the bus while attemtping to cross Frankford Avenue. The bus struck Kristen Fink and trapped her under the right rear tire. Witnesses of the crash told police that Fink was wearing headphones at the time and was possibly distracted. Investigators say a trainee was behind the wheel.

  33. 33.Chester, Pennsylvania, February 18, 2014: As a small school bus approached, a 55-year-old man who was walking along the street climbed atop a pile of snow to avoid the bus. As the bus passed by, James Harahan slipped on some ice, went under the bus, and was run over and killed by the rear wheels.

  34. 34.Universal City, Texas, April 15, 2014: A 6-year-old female (Jada Craft) was running towards her school, where she was a kindergartener, when she fell underneath the school bus. She was run over by the left rear duals wheels of the bus.

  35. 35.Manhattan, New York, May 8, 2014: A school bus fatally struck a woman in her 40's who was crossing an Upper East Side street. The westbound bus, ferrying six students ages 5 to 11 from a local Roman Catholic school, struck her. The victim’s body ended up near the right rear wheel of the bus, next to a bag of groceries and a bottle of wine.

  36. 36.Hauser, Idaho, October 10, 2014: 18-year-old Jeremy T. McSpadden Jr., of Spokane, Washington, was acting as a role player inside a Halloween-themed corn maze when he stumbled and fell in front of the passenger-side rear tires of a converted school bus, which then ran him over. McSpadden died at the scene. The high school senior was participating in an event in which a bus full of people ride through the maze while "zombies" come out of the maze and attack the bus, and McSpadden was participating as a “zombie.”

  37. 37.Youngstown, Ohio, November 12, 2014: A 14-year-old girl (Faith McCullough-Wooster) died after falling under the rear wheels of a school bus exiting her high school parking lot, where she was a freshman.  Students on the scene told authorities that the girl and friends were “playing around” when the girl rolled down a large hill, landing on the sidewalk. The bus then stopped, but as it took off again the girl, who may have become dizzy or disoriented, stumbled into the street, where she was run over by the bus’ rear wheels.

  38. 38.San Antonio, Texas, April 23, 2015: 45-year-old Paul Wheeler was walking along a sidewalk when he either stepped or fell off a curb and landed in the path of the rear tires of the passing bus. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Three young children were aboard the bus.

  39. 39.Mansfield, Massachusetts, June 3, 2015: Seventh-grader Shane Farrell, 13, was killed when he fell off his bicycle and under the rear wheels a Mansfield school bus. The boy was riding his bicycle on a sidewalk in the same direction as the bus when, as the bus passed him, he fell off the bicycle and beneath a rear wheel of the bus, where he run over. The bus was loaded with students at the time, including some of his classmates.

  40. 40.Florida City, Florida, June 18, 2015: Both a private school bus and bicyclist Guillermo De La Rosa, 42, were traveling southbound on a Florida City street. The bus driver attempted to pass on the left of the cyclist, who was on the edge of the roadway. But in doing so, the bicyclist lost control and fell off the bike, landing underneath the bus. He was run over by the rear tires and pronounced dead on scene.

  41. 41.St. Louis, Missouri, October 5, 2015: Joseph Bodle, 18, apparently crawled under a school bus with 15 students on board. Bodle lay down in front of the left rear tire, which ran him over when the bus pulled forward, killing him. Bodle was on his way home from a coin laundry, when one witness says he was retrieving keys that had fallen near the bus tire. However, a determination has yet to be made on whether the incident was accidental or if the man, in light of his mental health issues, committed suicide.

  42. 42.Fort Davis, Alabama, October 26, 2015: Five-year-old Bissiah Hedges was killed after he was run over by the right rear wheels of his school bus. The driver did not notice the boy was trying to pick up a notebook and bag of candy on the right-hand side of the bus. She then drove off, thinking he was staying home, and the right rear tire ran over him.

  1. *On average, the number of fatal injuries occurring outside the bus is four times greater than the number occurring inside the bus. The greatest number of fatalities occurred by the right rear tire of the student’s own bus.

  2. *Not all states report fatalities; numbers are only as accurate as the reporting agency has provided.

  3. *Fatalities above are confined to incidients in which the rear wheels were a factor.

Since 1993, Public Transportation Safety Int’l. has accumulated reports of danger zone injuries.  For more information, contact PTS.

Source, except where otherwise referenced: National School Bus Loading and Unloading Survey, Kansas State Department of Education, School Bus Safety Education Unit. 2008–2013.


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