Public Transportation Safety International Corp. is introducing a new solution is designed to eliminate the danger zone gap that surrounds the dual rear wheels of a school bus.

The Minimize Danger Zone Shield (MDZ Shield) is a one-piece BASF polyurethane guard that acts as a safeguard in front of the dual rear wheels, and is easily and quickly mounted to the side panel of the bus. This lessens both material and labor costs, while making it easily visible for inspection.

“The majority of school buses have a rocker panel sitting approximately two feet from the ground, so the S-1 GARD used for transit buses would be cost-prohibitive due to the heavy mounting brackets, yet the risk of exposure on a school bus is worse because of its height. I was consumed with guilt for not figuring this out earlier,” said Mark Barron, founder of PTS and inventor of the device. “This is finally a solution where lives can be saved at minimal cost.”

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