Executive Team

Mark B. Barron
President & CEO

Krista Barry
VP, Operations

Duane Emery
Executive Assistant

Fred C. Goodine
Senior Product Representative

Franklin Conti
Director of Customer Relations

Mark Beauchamp
Lead Engineer

Ken Lutkus

Otis Funkmeyer

Sean Shideh
Forensic Engineer

Sales Consultants

Dan Trujillo

Michael Vayo

Kacy Aakhus

Nicholas Evans

Monica Star

Monica Matulich

Mike Hayes

George Blodwell

Dan Patnode

Seth Perry

Tomas Svensson

Industry Consultants

“Two industry veterans and experts like John and I fully endorse the product(s) and are working jointly with PTS to educate the market and save lives.” – Charlie Bruce

Charlie Bruce

Transportation Advisory Group
President / Founder

Charlie Bruce’s extensive experience were gained through working for (2) Fortune 500 companies and over 300 school districts. With humble beginnings as a technician for Ryder in the early 80’s, Bruce’s career catapulted to senior officer level in the Nation’s largest transportation companies, including Chief Operating Officer for North America’s two largest pupil transportation companies. Bruce realized the need for a hands-on experienced operator who can help school districts to improve student transportation operations while generating savings to keep the educators in the classrooms. “When school budgets are in jeopardy, it’s the students who end up paying the price”, Bruce says. TAG’s mission is to help reduce the strain on budgets that result from inefficiencies and/or poor service to a community in regards to their pupil transportation.

John BeGasse

Transportation Advisory Group

John BeGasse has a wealth of experience within the Industry, having spent the last thirty-three years employed by the nation’s largest pupil transportation school bus contractor.With his successes, BeGasse was progressively elevated to senior-level management in both operations and business development, where he was instrumental in acquiring numerous large corporate accounts, as well as handling school transportation operations in a variety of capacities.In addition to his everyday work and community service, BeGasse was on the Board of Directors in a variety of transportation associations across the country.

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