PTS Participates in Busworld 2015 in Belgium

PTS participated in the Busworld 2015 show in Kortrijk, Belgium, where it formally unveiled its new S-1 GARD Dangerzone Barrier. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, according to PTS Operations Director Krista Barry, who represented the company at the expo. Busworld, the world's longest-running and most renown bus and coach exhibition, has been held every two years since 1971.

Additionally, Busworld featured an article on the "impressive" S-1 GARD in their daily publication distributed during the show, the Busworld Daily Times. Click on the thumbnail at left to view larger.

First Installation of MDZ Shield in New Washington, Ohio

Buckeye Central Schools in New Washington, Ohio, recently became the first school district in the nation to pilot a product that has until now been mostly used on city transit buses. The MDZ Shield hit the market this past summer (2015).

Danger Zone Abatement Product a Competitive Opportunity for OEMs

According to Buses Magazine, Public Transportation Safety International Corp. is pushing school bus manufacturers to fit the MDZ Shield in order to reduce the risk of children being crushed by the rear wheels of their vehicles.

CEO Mark B. Barron says 55 American children have been killed and many more injured over that past decade in accidents in the school bus danger zone.

To reduce the gap around the dual rear wheels, PTS has developed a one-piece polyurethane shield in partnership with Pacific Metal Fab. To counter resistance from school bus manufacturers reluctant to increase costs in a highly price competitive market, PTS says it would bear all tooling costs.

Device Designed to Eliminate School Bus Rear Wheel Danger Zone Gap; Lifesaving Body Modification Now Available

Public Transportation Safety International Corp. is introducing a new solution is designed to eliminate the danger zone gap that surrounds the dual rear wheels of a school bus.

The Minimize Danger Zone Shield (MDZ Shield) is a one-piece BASF polyurethane guard that acts as a safeguard in front of the dual rear wheels, and is easily and quickly mounted to the side panel of the bus. This lessens both material and labor costs, while making it easily visible for inspection.

“The majority of school buses have a rocker panel sitting approximately two feet from the ground, so the S-1 GARD used for transit buses would be cost-prohibitive due to the heavy mounting brackets, yet the risk of exposure on a school bus is worse because of its height. I was consumed with guilt for not figuring this out earlier,” said Mark Barron, founder of PTS and inventor of the device. “This is finally a solution where lives can be saved at minimal cost.”

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